The Basques


“The political situation of the Basque people, like every other situation, is unique. We can only begin to make judgements when we understand its complexity, which this book will help us to do.”

Ned Thomas, from his Foreword

The Basques are the most militant national minority in Western Europe. Their movement has a political wing, represented mainly by the PNV and Herri Batasuna, and a military wing, ETA, which has carried on a violent campaign against an oppressive Spanish State for decades.

The Basques – their Struggle for Independence is an insider’s account of the complexities of the Basque situation, a denunciation of police torture of Basque militants, and a critique of the status of Autonomy currently existing in the Basque Country. It is also a timely, well-argued statement of the case for Basque independence and the unity of all seven Basque provinces at present on either side of the FrancoSpanish border.

LUIS NUNEZ ASTRAIN is Editor-in-Chief of Egin, the only Basque language daily newspaper.

Meic Stephens teaches courses in Journalism, Modern Fiction and Welsh Writing in English at the University of Glamorgan. NED THOMAS is Director of the University of Wales Press.

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